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Writ of Habeas Corpus and Writ of Assistance

Sometimes an order is issued which is difficult to enforce. One such order involves a parenting time or child custody order that the other parent (‘bad parent’) refuses to abide by and hides with the child so that they cannot be found. The parent with the order (‘good parent’) needs some way to enforce that…

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The Disappearing Parent and Child

I had an interesting case finish up the other day involving a parent who would not let the other parent see their child.  The parties were not married and did not have an existing court case prior to the one I filed.  To make matters worse, the parent with the child had disappeared locally, so…

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Jurisdiction in Divorce

Is personal jurisdiction necessary to get a dissolution of marriage in Colorado? Generally, yes. But the details vary. Personal jurisdiction deals with the power of the court to enter orders as to a person or a thing. If there is property in a geographic location where the court is sitting, the court likely has personal…

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